This weekend is the last one for Carnevale di Venezia 2017. It’s been a grand time. I saw some of the most amazing masks and costumes as I walked through the city, almost running into the ballgowns and dressing gowns of masked revelers as they glided through the alleyways. My favorite was the ‘Black Swan’ costume, a mixture of leather, lace, and feathers. And of course, as one sees in the photograph, a black swan sits atop the woman’s head. A different take on Black Swan, and perhaps even inspired by Bjork’s swan dress from the 2001 Oscars ceremony.


Hoop skirts and masks were everywhere. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone can see much while wearing full-face masks. For Carnevale, I found a leather mask that covered only my eyes, but even that simple mask impinged my peripheral vision. I had to be extra careful walking up and down the stairs of Venice’s bridges, and I wasn’t also wearing a ballgown like the ladies above.

Not everyone donned hoop skirts and feathers. There were quite a few folks dressed in steampunk. I’ve always admired the intricate details involved with steampunk cosplay. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but steampunk at Carnevale reminds me a bit of the creepy clockwork droids in the Doctor Who episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”.


Not constrained within the 18th-century powdered wig and taffeta gown types, Carnevale’s costumes and masks are pure spectacle.



Venice’s version of Poison Ivy, perhaps? Note her verdant shoes and the watering pot with glass beads or ribbons of blue pouring from its spout. Such special little details.


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