Covent Garden Jubilee Market, London.
Christmas market, Tate Modern, London.
Christmas market, Tate Modern, London.
Giant reindeer windmill.
Giant reindeer windmill.

It’s Christmas time in England for us this year. Many markets, many quaint towns, and much eating. One of my favorite all-time food in London has been Indian cuisine. Yes, I know, not exactly Christmas. Or is it?? After a few days at the Christmas markets, in which I compared the German ones to the English ones (Germans excel at the food and drink, English at the gifts offered), I skipped the bratwurst and mulled wine and went for Indian spices at the Masala Zone. Lovely food with colorful variety. And puppets. A multitude of puppets hung like ornaments in decorative fashion from the ceiling’s rafters. By the time I stepped into the Masala Zone, I’ve already eaten at another Indian restaurant the previous night: Hot Stuff in Vauxhall.

Hot Stuff was blazingly good. The chutney that accompanied the courtesy papadum was seriously super spicy and delicious, and when paired with a milder yogurt type, so delectable. I think I ate all the papadums and chutneys, and craved even more. One of the surprises was the naan; the sweet almond and coconut naan at Hot Stuff was one of the best naans I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking forward to returning there.

Today, one week into my trip around England, I dined at Rajpoot on the Pulteney Bridge in Bath. Again, quite delicious. I ordered a Bengali fish dish. Spicy, of course, but not overwhelming. One of my goals for the next year is to discern the differences between Northern and Southern Indian food. Perhaps this will help me begin gathering some Indian spices so that I may learn to cook Indian cuisine at home.


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