Day 5 of healthy eating and I’ve not fallen off the low-carb wagon yet. Normally I would celebrate with something sweet, but nope, not anytime soon. 

Tonight’s dinner offering is an easy-peasy chicken dish. No recipe necessary. That’s how I like it. 

Just sprinkle a bit of Himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper on the chicken breast. Then pour some Trader Joe’s champagne vinaigrette dressing over the chicken breast, enough to coat both sides. In a Dutch oven (or a skillet) with splashes of olive oil, cook the chicken over medium heat. Throw in some Crimini mushrooms. Then add a bit of red wine (always the key for cooking) and reduce it a bit until the chicken is cooked. Add another couple of twists of freshly ground pepper and salt to the mushrooms and chicken while cooking. The two simple ingredients—red wine and mushrooms—elevated my dinner from boring to almost-gourmet. 


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