Day 2 of healthy eating and diet time. Day 1 went well with a baked Mediterranean chicken breast with whole olives, lemon, and thyme, so I figure, “Let’s keep going.” Cutting out carbs for a couple of weeks to see what happens. I keep wondering how can I make it through without rice or pasta? I guess I’ll focus on the green stuff for now. Who knew fresh avocados by themselves were so good? After more than five years on the West Coast, I’ve just discovered this truth. Just a sprinkling of Himalayan salt and fresh pepper are all you need. The other easy green dish on the menu is broccoli florets and stems sautéed in olive oil with garlic powder and red pepper flakes. I wonder if I shouldn’t just pick another color of the rainbow for tomorrow… 


2 thoughts on “Green Eating

  1. Beautiful photo! And I admire your healthy endeavors. But what about protein? You need a little protein to go with those veggies and healthy fats. Perhaps some edamame alongside the avo and cuke? Or some tofu slices drizzled with cilantro pesto? (Nuts in the pesto a good protein source too–maybe cashews?)

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