Got off to a late start with St. Patrick’s Day dinner this year, but I promised to make Shepherd’s Pie for the husband. And so I did last night with Alton Brown’s recipe. My second attempt at this Irish dish proved that a Chinese girl can make a kick-arse Shepherd’s Pie.

No can opener on hand meant no tomato paste and more red wine (for both me and the ground beef mixture). I just poured a little red wine at a time until the meat mixture tasted good. I also omitted corn and Worcestershire sauce because, well, I didn’t want corn in my meat pie, and only needed one teaspoon of Worcestershire so I wasn’t ready to fork over money for the Lea & Perrins. For the mashed potatoes, I used milk instead of the recommended half-and-half, and added sharp cheddar cheese to the mix.


Into the oven for 30-40 minutes at 400 deg F, so that the mashed potato topping can brown a bit, et voilà! Delicious Shepherd’s Pie!Image



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