Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with a special themed brunch on Saturday! If you haven’t caught up on all the episodes before the event, that’s quite alright. You can just have a sonic screwdriver on Saturday, and watch the Doctor and his companion with the rest of us Whovians. In any case, The Day of the Doctor is sure to please old and new fans alike. There is rumor that maybe even Tom Baker will make an appearance. David Tennant will return as the Tenth Doctor, and can I just say how excited I am to see Tennant and Smith trying to out-fun one another? It’s sure to be a ball. Here’s what I’ve got on the menu.

  • Sonic screwdrivers
  • TARDIS Blueberry pancakes
  • Scrambled eggs w green onions — does anyone have a good name for this?
  • Bow-tie pasta salad
  • Dalek cupcakes

Of course, this means I need to figure out how to properly make cupcakes shaped like Daleks, a challenge I will take up. I’ve looked online for help, and there are a lot of cupcakes out there, that’s for sure. But to create a Dalek cupcake that looks like a Dalek and tastes like a Crumbs cupcake, well, that’s another story altogether. Most of the ones I’ve seen online look like Pinterest fails, unfortunately. But there are certainly inspirational ones.

I’m going to attempt a vanilla bean cupcake with chocolate ganache. With additions of a marshmallow (for its head) and pocky for its eye stalk, sucker arm (plunger thingy), and gun (curling iron thingy), I think I’ll have a mighty fine-looking Dalek cupcake. My inspiration from BBC America:



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