I was having trouble finding good German food in Munich. I feared that perhaps I just didn’t like German food since everything seemed overcooked and heavy, drowning in tasteless sauce. I’ll be departing Deutschland in two days and thought, “Well, at least I had some good sushi and pizza in Munich.” It’s a bonus as I seldom eat sushi at home in SoCal. Even though we live next to the ocean, sushi is just too damn pricey. 

What I’ve learned that the Bavarians do very well are soft pretzels, Nuremberg sausages, and sauerkraut. The least expensive grocery mart possesses the most delicious pretzel I’ve had in a long while. And for 0.29 Euro/pretzel, I’m getting requests to bring bagfuls back to the homestead. Pretzel snack time is a precious part of my days in München. Soft, chewy pretzels done just right and from a local grocery store akin to Shop-Rite cannot be beat. I’m not so sure about the large soft pretzels at the Hofbräuhaus, though. I’d recommend getting the ones from the bakeries in tourist areas, or from the grocery store if there’s one nearby. So how about dinner? My first night of Deutsch food wasn’t so good (goulash with overcooked pork, unfortunately). I paired it with warm Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) and that was fairly decent.

Tonight, thank goodness, I happened upon Paulaner near the Munich Rathaus (Town Hall) at Marienplatz. The Paulaner-im-Tal location to be exact, which I’ve learned has been there since 1524. I’ve heard that Paulaner is touristy and such, and yes, I was sitting next to a whole squadron of English speakers — which hasn’t happened at all the whole week I’ve been in Munich — but I also know that trusted websites have recommended their beer and food. Of course the beer is good. All the German beer I’ve tasted has been outstanding. The regular size, mind you, is 0.5 Liter. For me, this is huge. But that’s the smallest one available, so what are you gonna do when you’re in Rome? Drink it, of course.


I was recommended Nuremberg sausages served with sauerkraut, a Bavarian specialty. With this dish, German food has redeemed itself to me. Not that it needed to. There will be a million tourists descending upon Munich next week for Oktoberfest, and I’m sure every one of them will be eating bratwurst and sausages. Getting back to my meal, I have to say the Nuremberg sausages were really good, especially with a side of mustard. But it was the sauerkraut prepared with bacon and wine that made my day. This was the German food I anticipated all week. Yeah! Go Deutschland.


Look at the size of my beer!


And here are some desserts and beer from the Café Tambosi at Odeonplatz. Decent food and you can sit right next to the Hofgarten, a beautiful flower-lined royal garden, now a public park.


Dessert at Café Tambosi.



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