I did it. I met the glorious macaron from Pierre Hermé. Yes it was divine, yes I should’ve eaten all four macarons I bought right away, rather than trying to save them for after dinner, and after two steamy metro trains. Still, they were rather delicious.


My favorites were the Mogadar filled with chocolate au lait and passion fruit (the yellow one in the sack), and the Infiniment Chocolat Porcelana with chocolate from Venezuela. The other two in the bag are from their 2013 Les Jardin collection. Also lovely. By far, and even by Paris standards, Pierre Hermé is one of the best pâtisserie in the city. Its slightly crisp outer shell and the soft center of each part of the macaron practically melt in the mouth. Image

Their boutiques are located in many parts of Paris. I recommend the 72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 location. That way you can purchase a macaron from Pierre Hermé, and then walk down the street to Ladurée for a taste test. I think I’ll take my own advice tomorrow. To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Macarons, oh my…

    1. Thanks, Tamika! Decided to keep it simple this time so I didn’t bring all my camera gear to Europe. Which means I just have to hold my iPhone very steady when I press the shutter.

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