With Thai Town in L.A., and many Thai offerings throughout the city, we always return to the place with character and deliciousness. I’m speaking of Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle, a little gem of a restaurant that delights the senses. Walking through the door, the aquamarine walls and the chalkboard menu with changing graffiti images of famous personalities (some whom we saw at the restaurant a few weeks prior) hint at the restaurant’s playfulness. This is underscored by the background pop music, which, regardless of what songs are played, always reminds me of Wong Kar-wai’s Fallen Angels soundtrack.

We seem to be creatures of habit, the husband and I. He orders the spicy glass noodle pad thai with shrimp and I get the crispy pork belly. We usually request medium spicy because the food can get hot. The sweet aromas of basil, cilantro and spice punctuate the air when the food arrives at the table. We get our chopsticks, and our napkins (these and other dining accoutrement, like additional spices, remain on the table), and then dig in. The large pad thai noodle, with egg on top and bean sprouts to the side, appears almost stylistically deconstructed. The spicy pork belly includes red peppers, green beans and a hint of basil. Both dishes exude deliciousness and a slow burn of heat, sometimes so slow that I don’t realize its spiciness until after my last mouthful of pork belly. Sawadeeka(p).


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