A giant rope-man sculpture, akin to the bodies of the Body World exhibition but much larger, crouched at the La Brea Tar Pits park for approximately two days during the week of June 14. On June 17, it disappeared. Perhaps it was removed for fear it would be knocked over by curious children. Or perhaps because it may have, in fact, frightened children.

When I first happened upon the approximately 20 ft. tall sculpture during a leisurely stroll through the park at night, I was floored. No barrier existed between me and the rope-man who looked as if he was playing a silent game of marbles. I could sit inside his right hand if I wanted. His ears and his chest, a body cavity, were exquisitely shaped by the rope. I found his crouched position, realized by two steel soldered blade-like plates positioned under his feet, to be the thing that breathed life into him. He could spring at any moment. In the dark, lit only by park lamps, the rope-man could indeed start walking. I thought, “What is this? Why haven’t I seen this before? Is this part of LACMA (right next door)? Who is the artist?” It was simultaneously horrific, mad, and intriguing. I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of the rope-man sculpture before it was removed. It seemed like a dream — my happening upon a fantastical behemoth — if not for the remnants of blade-like indentations in the grass.


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