* and they’re GOOD.

When you’re in the mood for dessert on a Sunday night at 10 p.m. in Los Angeles, it’s not easy. Most places are closed by that time. And if your usual dessert fare is a slice of banana creme pie at House of Pies or peanut butter and pistachio yogurt with mochi at Yogurtland, and you’re starting to get bored, well then, it’s time to find another place. The husband suggested Fred 62, a hipster diner in Los Feliz. When I hear the word “hipster,” I’m wary. Sure, the interior and the food might look cool, but is it good? We walked into the 24-hour diner, took in the retro Tarantinoesque vibe, sat at the counter, and, after perusing the menu of ten delicious-sounding desserts, ordered the Apple Punk Tart. Imagine a pop tart filled with apple pie and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. But this pop tart would be the most delectable pop tart you’ve ever eaten. The Apple Punk Tart — with its perfect pastry crust wrapped around fresh apples and presented in a fun, kitschy way — satiated both my love of food and the fifth grader in me. A little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream accompanied by a small bit of the tart was heavenly. Thank you Fred 62 for being open all night. And thank you, husband, for convincing me that hipster places are hip for a reason.

Photo via alcteamphx


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