Hello, welcome to Flying Pig Express. It’s fitting that my first post is all about food, a favorite subject of mine.

When I do brunch, I usually go for something that I can’t or won’t make myself unless it’s a very special occasion. I really like eggs benedict, and I thought I knew what constituted a good eggs benedict. I was wrong. The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood schooled me today. Their version used crispy seasoned potato skins (instead of toast or english muffins! brilliant!), and the richest, most delicious Hollandaise sauce I’ve ever tasted. Even the husband savored every bite. The combination of slightly salted ham, crispy potato skins, poached egg, and rich sauce was amazing. Like everything else, you have to put in your time to be rewarded. Thirty minutes isn’t so bad to wait for such greatness. And of course, with the word ‘griddle’ as part of its name, their pancakes were pretty damn good, too. We had the banana pancakes (sweet things whose diameter size were bigger than the plate itself). Every time I’d cut into the stack of pancakes, a little powdered sugar would fall on my lap. Yum.


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